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Healthcare & Education

Hospital Bed


The design of a healthcare environment can play an important role in wellness and healing. Innovative carpet and flooring choices can address the need for beautiful spaces as well as accessibility, safety and function. The challenges facing the flooring contractor charged with the task of a hospital or nursing home installation are formidable. Beacon’s experienced crews are proficient at minimizing the impact of a flooring installation. 

The healthcare environment is well suited for commercial vinyl flooring due to its anti-bacterial attributes and its fabulous color palettes. Our design team can help you with calming collections for waiting areas as well as camouflaging patterns for hallways and high traffic nurses’ stations.


School environments present special challenges for the architectural and design community. A balance must be achieved to create a space that inspires students to learn, while keeping them safe and comfortable, all within the demands of shrinking budgets. Our library of flooring materials is jam-packed with products that are well suited to meet the demands of the educational environment. Beacon will coordinate your flooring needs so that high performance designs in brilliant colors blend beautifully with superior functionality.

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