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Client Focus

Interior Designer

Architects & Designers: 

Today more than ever, carpet and flooring is a freely designable element of interior architecture. As a result, our product offerings for the professional sector serve not only as a source of carpet and flooring materials but also as a source of inspiration. Beacon’s formidable library displays current possibilities for floor architecture – from innovative, tile collections to completely recyclable office applications and on to carpet designs inspired by renowned artists.

We are happy to present the new world of diversity in carpet and flooring design to the community that understands and appreciates what we can offer. With your creativity and our product knowledge we can partner in creating beautiful spaces.

General Contractors – Construction Managers:

Construction professionals look for subcontractors with the expertise to make their clients happy with all aspects of a building project. As good as a job has been run, it can easily go down-hill if the choice of finish-trade contractors are below par.


At Beacon we are sensitive to the needs of our general contractors and construction managers and provide expert project management so that jobs are completed safely, on schedule and on budget. The last thing a GC needs is for his flooring sub to mess up an otherwise smooth project. Our estimating department is available to provide estimating and budgeting services as required by our contractor clients.

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