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Retail & Hospitality



We provide a complete line of flooring solutions to service our diverse retail customer base. These facilities require products that are beautiful and durable in a high demand environment. The multi-faceted design possibilities for retail establishments are matched only by each retailers desire to transform their space into fantastic assault on your senses. Carpet and flooring make up a substantial part of this transformational experience. Our team has assisted numerous architectural and design firms in selecting flooring materials to give off that perfect experience for the retail customer.


Beacon Flooring is a leader in the Hospitality carpet industry. We regularly work with top area designers to custom manufacture specialty carpets suitable for corridors, lobbies and public spaces in hotels, restaurants, catering facilities and theaters. Bold patterns, large area rug designs and intricate border work are synonymous with hospitality carpet and flooring.

Because we’ve worked in so many hotels in the region we are particularly aware of the tight schedules and time frames a hotel is up against. Every day brings new challenges in delivering finished guestrooms so that ownership can begin receiving revenue from those newly remodeled rooms. Warehousing, pre-cutting, staging and delivering to the job site are important components that require an experienced hand for hospitality work. And Beacon Flooring has expertly handled a plethora of hotel projects throughout the years thus illustrating our expertise in servicing this market.

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